The team

Marchiennes’ Tourist Centre is a two stars Tourist Centre and its legal form is an association administered according to the "law of 1901".

Born in 1991 as a Tourist Information to support the Cucurbitades festival, the structure has become more professional and diversified during the years to become a major touristic structure in the "Douaisis" (territory of Douai).

Cheerful and smiling, the whole team is waiting for you to inform and guide you during your stay. Three administrative employees manage the set up of various activities, helped by several gardeners engaged for the culture of the cucurbits, essential for the successful organization of the famous Cucurbitades, every first weekend of October.

René LAZIER, Chairman
Alexandre CORDIER, Manager
Delphine BUSSCHAERT, in charge of promotion and activities

Our structure can also count on the strength of its Board of Directors particularly active in the organization of our various events.

Conseil d'Administration de l'Office de Tourisme de Marchiennes :

René LAZIER, Chairman
Jocelyne MALFIGAN, Deputy Chairman
Katia VOISIN, Vice Président
Laurent PLANTIN, Vice Président 
Annie DELLEMMES, Treasurer
Valérie GOUPY, Assistant Treasurer
Sylvie ROUSSELLE, Secretary
Pascale DUSQUENNOY, Assistant Secretary
Nathalie DESJARDINS, Librarian
Jean-Paul BARALLE, Assessor
Frédéric DESJARDINS, Assessor

Honorary members :

Claude MERLY, Mayor, Honorary Président
Marie-Jeanne HENNICAUX, Honorary Vice Président
Jean OBLIN, Honorary Vice Président

To complete the team, we must also include Jennifer, Johanne and Mélany VOSPETTE, the three Sabbat'iques group leaders, the famous Witches of Marchiennes.