The Cucurbitades

The gourd and witchcraft festival

Exposition de courges Exposition de courges  © OT MarchiennesScene of one of the last witchcraft trial in France during the 17th century, Marchiennes is nowadays one of the few haunts of witches now appreciated by everyone. They are not hunted or stalked any more, but honoured, and the city is proud to have made them the symbol of every first weekend of October, for the “Gourd and Witchcraft festival”.

This major event in Nord-Pas de Calais begins on Saturday with the Cucurbi'Mômes, an enchanting afternoon for children. Then comes the day of the Cucurbitades, on Sunday, all day long, where street performances, incredible sets of cucurbits and local traditions take place in a world of magic, poetry and extravagance to finish in grand style with the burning pyre when the night comes.

Program available in the course of July.