Real green lung of the "Douaisis", our town is the ideal place to practice hiking. The "Abbey", the "Croix ou Pile" or the "Elpret" tracks, the "Green Lane"... discover all the possibilities !


• The "Abbaye" track

Entrée abbaye de Marchiennes - vue intérieure Entrée abbaye de Marchiennes - vue intérieure  © Office de Tourisme de MarchiennesOur ancestors knew quiet places ; they erected abbeys which are today the best landmark in our quest for nature and relaxation. Among the many locations of the plaine Scarpe-Escaut, this hiking track leads you to the discovery of the forest and of the abbey of Marchiennes. There you can find oxygen for the body and historic details for the brain. This track is suitable for nature lovers of all kinds as well as for the history buff or the Sunday walker.

Start : "Place de l'abbaye" – 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) – 2 hours 30
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• The "Croix ou Pile" track

Forêt de Marchiennes Forêt de Marchiennes  © F.Corio
Family track within the forest of Marchiennes accessible in any season. The interest of this track lies in the many ditches and ponds where lives a remarkable yet unsuspected fauna and flora.

Start: "Carrefour (crossroads) Croix ou Pile", in the middle of the forest – 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) - 1 hour 45
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• The "Green Lane"

Voie Verte reliant Orchies à Fenain Voie Verte reliant Orchies à Fenain  © Office de Tourisme de Marchiennes
The Green Lane of the Plain of the Scarpe leaves the town of Orchies and extends into the forest of Marchiennes, the towpath of the Scarpe, marshes and bogs. This is an excellent site to discover the nature and for walks. It combines a path dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists and a sand track for horse riders. Along its 11 kilometers, it invites you to discover a rich array of landscapes, which, by their qualities, benefit from the label "Regional Park Scarpe-Escaut".

Start: different entries all along the lane – 11 kilometers (6.9 miles)
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• Marchiennes Forest map 

Panneau d'information en forêt de Marchiennes Panneau d'information en forêt de Marchiennes  © C.Legrand

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IMPORTANT : before any walk in the forest, we invite you to call the "ONF" (National Forest Office) to know the periods and areas of hunting. ONF - Forêt de Marchiennes : 03 27 91 20 30.


• The "Elpret" track

Vélo en familleDuring the 7th century, monks arrived in the Scarpe valley who intended to evangelize the region. They built many abbeys among which that of Marchiennes. They also tilled the earth and had to drain the water off thanks to small canals called currents. Many elements in Marchiennes and around Marchiennes witness this past: today’s town hall, the former presbytery, the priory, the brewery, and the rural landscape. You will discover these vestiges when taking this track.

Departure : leisure centre The Evoïches – 17 kilometers (10.6 miles) – 2 hours 10’
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IMPORTANT : we invite you to call the "ONF" (National Forest Office) to know the periods and areas of hunting. ONF - Forêt de Marchiennes : 03 27 91 20 30.




"Black Magic in the land of Marchiennes"

This entertaining app, real interactive track-game, lets you discover Marchiennes for free with your family simply by walking about the town.

Using your smartphone or your tablet, you will be given an enigma to solve. While walking, discover the heritage and its anecdotes, gather clues, put your photo album together and complete your logbook throughout the game.

Hesitate no more, immerse yourself in the history of our monastic town and its universe of witchcraft and cucurbits, at the edge of the state forest and to the banks of the Scarpe River.

Duration: 1.30h, that is to say a 4.5km walk for the main tour (2 additional tours are possible). Hike or bike tour. Hiking boots are advised.
Start: Square "Place du Général de Gaulle" in Marchiennes

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Free app available on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play

Discover also "Searching for the Lost Miner", the second interactive track-game proposed by the "Coeur d'Ostrevent". You will be guided between the old towns of Montigny-en-Ostrevent and brought back to the mine times, as led by the "Compagnie des Mines d'Aniches".



The Tourist Center organizes hikes and themed outings so you can discover the territory of Marchiennes in a different way. The visitors can thus explore the natural (forest, the nature reserve of "Pré des Nonnettes", "Evoïches"…) and cultural wealth (abbey, museum…) while guided along the existing tracks.

Two night outings are organized, respectively in April and in November

Information and registration at the Tourist Center :