Cultural visits

If the museum of local history is essential to discover our heritage, the MP3-guided visit, the walk and play app and the cultural tourist rally will expand your knowledge.


Plan relief de l'abbaye de Marchiennes Plan relief de l'abbaye de Marchiennes  © Office de Tourisme de Marchiennes
Situated in the former prisons of the bailiwick, the museum displays a multitude of objects and documents about the history of Marchiennes and its region. Through the six rooms, you will discover the rich abbey past of the town and many other themes from Prehistory to Modern times: the discovery of excavations from the Gallo-roman period, the siege of 1712, the massacres of 1793, the adventure of the Corbineau brothers , the industrial past with the mine and the glass factory, businesses and games of the past, the two World Wars, works of artists such as Loseleur, Labisse... Two highlights of the visit: the scale model of the town as it was in 1791, and the sinister prisons.

The association "Les Amis de Marchiennes", who manages the museum, made up several brochures about key episods in the town of Marchiennes and about famous people.


CHANGES 2013-2014
To make the museum more comfortable, several renovations have been undertaken: paintwork, electricity, heating system, and replacement of the windows in the first three rooms. Also, new exhibition spaces and new showcases have been added and are still being added on a regular basis.


Visit conditions

For individual visiting:
- From April to the end of September: the museum is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 2 pm to 5 pm.
- From January to December, every 2nd Sunday of the month: guided visit at 3.30 pm.
Rates: 3 € / adult; 1 € / children from 8 to 16; free for children under 8.

For group and schoolchildren visiting (10 persons minimum):
- Booking only: please call the Tourist Center - or "Les Amis de Marchiennes" -
Rates: 2.50 € per adult; 1 € for schoolchildren.

Download the brochure here (French)



"Black Magic in the land of Marchiennes"

This entertaining app, real interactive track-game, lets you discover Marchiennes for free with your family simply by walking about the town.

Using your smartphone or your tablet, you will be given an enigma to solve. While walking, discover the heritage and its anecdotes, gather clues, put your photo album together and complete your logbook throughout the game.

Hesitate no more, immerse yourself in the history of our monastic town and its universe of witchcraft and cucurbits, at the edge of the state forest and to the banks of the Scarpe River.

Duration: 1.30h, that is to say a 4.5km walk for the main tour (2 additional tours are possible). Hike or bike tour. Hiking boots are advised.
Start: Square "Place du Général de Gaulle" in Marchiennes

Visit conditions

Free app available on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play

Discover also "Searching for the Lost Miner", the second interactive track-game proposed by the "Coeur d'Ostrevent". You will be guided between the old towns of Montigny-en-Ostrevent and brought back to the mine times, as led by the "Compagnie des Mines d'Aniches".


The Marchiennes Tourist Centre offers an original and entertaining way to discover the vestiges of the Benedictine mp3 musique surditéAbbey, through the use of an MP3 player. Provided with your player and a map, follow the instructions and let it guide you!
Walk through the corridors of time, from the creation of the abbey during the 7th century to its demolition after the Revolution. Discover the daily life of monks, abbots and peasants through skits describing the customs of the region at different times.
Historical and architectural comments will also teach you to decipher the building architecture.

Visit conditions

For individual visiting only:
- Loan of the MP3 player in exchange for an ID at Marchiennes Tourist Center (the ID is given back after you return from the visit); visiting time: about 40 minutes.
Rate: 2.50 € per person.

Information at the Tourist Center
Download the french brochure here


Enseigne Enseigne  © Office de Tourisme de Marchiennes
Perfect compromise between the exploration of the city and a track-game, this tourist rally will show you the unusual places and famous people who lived there. Provided with a brochure combining itinerary  and questionnaire, follow the orientation instructions in the town... But who are the Corbineau brothers? What does the sign in "Rue Galette” represent? What is the surprising inscription on the pediment of the church?
To answer these questions, stay focused and pay attention to the slightest clue. Have fun alone or in groups with this tourist rally. A children version is also available.

Visit conditions

For individual or group visiting:
- Brochure available at Marchiennes Tourist Center.
Rate: free

Download the brochure here (French)